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My Services

Toronto-based producer - engineer - mixer with over 20 years experience. My goal is to create an engaging yet relaxed environment in which bands can perform at their best, and create music that is artful and true to their vision. I pride myself on knowing when to push artists to see potential beyond those they have realized before, to help them broaden their sonic palette, and to see their ideas through in the fullest possible way … all while having a bit of fun, as that’s what this should be!


Though he may have landed himself in the role as one of Toronto’s most prolific indie-rock producers, Chris Stringer’s path to this current title has been anything but genre-specific. A multi-instrumentalist who founded his interest in music recording and engineering in high school (and a self-admitted metal-head), Chris attended The Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto to study sound engineering and production. It was there that he was hit with his first career break in 1994 — an offer for internship at Reaction Studios, one of Canada’s premier recording spaces. As an assistant engineer for acts like Rush, Blue Rodeo, Sum 41 and Joey DiFrancesco, Chris spent ten years honing his skills on every style of music that walked through the door, eventually garnering himself the role of chief engineer before he decided it was time to take his many trades into the freelance market — this time with production on his mind.

Eight years later, the list of artists he has produced and engineered has matured at an impressive rate, and continues to be a growing testament to his unbounded musical flexibility. Along with a newfound respect for cats.

And an impressive list it is. From his beginnings with Toronto’s Bellwoods crew — Ohbijou, The D’urbervilles, Forest City Lovers and, perhaps most notably, Timbre Timbre (who’s 2009 self-titled release on Arts & Crafts was named Eye Magazine’s Album of the Year) — to more recent collaborations with artists like Elliot Brood, The Wooden Sky, Snowblink, New Country Rehab and NQ Arbuckle, on the surface that indie title may still hold some serious weight. But all you have to do is dig a little deeper into his catalogue to realize that Chris Stringer has more than his fair share of folk, jazz, pop, metal, old country and experimental analogue synth recordings under his belt than are possible to list on this here page. But if it sounds like the only place you’re ever going to find him is in the studio, you might want to check onstage first. Whether it’s blistering through licks with his instrumental country band Uncle Dad and the Grandbrothers (yup, they’re for real), sequencing synths with the experimental Faceless Forces of Bigness, or accompanying one of the plethora of artists he’s worked with (Holly McNarland, Megan Bonnell, We’re Marching On or Timber Timbre to name a few), it’s fair to say this guy loves what he does. He also loves his wife and his cat. A lot.

Chris was recently nominated and won in the category of Best Producer in NOW magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2013.

Download my Biography and Discography in PDF.

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NOW: Best of Toronto

I recently won the Now Magazine "Best of Toronto 2013" award for Music Producer. Thanks so much to everyone who voted!

Full list here.

Megan Bonnell

Megan Bonnell

Co-produced a record with Joshua Van Tassel for Megan Bonnell called "Hunt and Chase". It's out now! Check out the track "Coming Home" below

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Wooden Sky

I was recently in studio at the Lincoln County Social Club with Wooden Sky.

More to come soon!

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  • Thanks to everyone who came out to The C And C Surf Factory show tonight at the Cameron! Same time next Saturday! http://t.co/nqYlYIC62Q 05:03 AM Apr 20

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The Big List

2004 - Present:

  • Kate Rogers, Repeat Repeat (producer, engineer, mixer) 2013
  • Kurt Swinghammer, Two Portraits (mixer) Heading North 2012
  • Great Bloomers, Distant Fires (producer, engineer, mixer) Dine Alone 2012
  • Graydon James and the Young Novelists, In The Year You Were Born (producer, engineer, mixer) 2012
  • Josh Cockerill/Animal Parts, Animal Parts (producer, engineer, mixer) 2012
  • Snowblink, Inner Classics (producer, engineer) Arts and Crafts 2012
  • Holly McNarland, Run Body Run (producer, engineer, mixer) 2012
  • Gentlemen Reg, Leisure Life Pts 1,2,3 (producer, engineer, mixer) 2012
  • Hatchetmen, Hatchetmen (producer, engineer, mixer) 2012
  • Sunparlour Players, Us Little Devils (producer, engineer, mixer) Outside Music 2011
  • Western Terrestrial, Western Terrestrial (mixer) 2011
  • Huddle, All These Fires (producer, engineer) 2011
  • New Country Rehab, New Country Rehab (co-producer, engineer, mixer) 2011
  • Selina Martin, Disaster Fantasies (producer, engineer, mixer) 2010
  • The Ghost Is Dancing, Battles On (producer, engineer, mixer) Sonic Unyon 2010
  • Stacy Burke, Like A Good Woman Might (producer, engineer, mixer) 2010
  • The Coast, Queen Cities (producer, engineer, mixer) Aporia Records 2010
  • Forest City Lovers, Carriage (producer, engineer, mixer) Out of This Spark 2010
  • Kirsten Scholte and the Fancys, All I Have Is What I Need (mixer) 2010
  • Timber Timbre, Timber Timbre (producer, engineer, mixer), Arts and Crafts 2009
  • Ohbijou, Beacons (producer, engineer) Last Gang Records 2009
  • The Wooden Sky, If I Don't Come Home, You'll Know I'm Gone (engineer) Black Box records 2009
  • The Wooden Sky, Bedrooms and Backstreets (engineer) Black Box records 2009
  • Josh Cockerill, The Trick With Your Heart I'm Learning To Do (engineer, mixer) 2009
  • The Salingers, Storm Of The Season (producer, engineer, mixer) 2009
  • Taylor Mitchell, For Your Consideration (engineer, mixer) 2009
  • Jory Nash, New Blue Day (engineer, mixer) 2009
  • Dan Mock and Take It Home, Dan Mock and Take It Home (mixer) 2009
  • Martin Tielli, Spring/WInter (mixer) Sixshooter Records 2009
  • Flash Lightnin', Destello (engineer, mixer) Pheromone Recordings 2008
  • Luke Doucet, Blood's Too Rich (engineer) Sixshooter Records 2008
  • Kate Rogers, Beauregard (producer, engineer) 2008
  • NQ Arbuckle, XOK (engineer) Sixshooter Records 2008
  • The Coast, Expatriate (producer, engineer, mixer) Aporia Records 2008
  • We're Marching On..., Argh! Umph! Ahh! (producer, engineer, mixer) 2007
  • The D'urbervilles, We Are The Hunters (producer, engineer, mixer) Out Of This Spark 2007
  • David Wilcox, Boy In The Boat (engineer, mixer) Stony Plains/Warner 2007
  • Lori Cullen, Calling For Rain (engineer) 2006
  • Rheostatics, 2067 (mixer) True North 2004
  • Jory Nash, Spaz Loves Weezie (engineer, mixer) 2004
  • Jory Nash, Lo-Fi Northern Blues (engineer, mixer) 2002

1995 - 2005: Reaction Studios:

  • Rush (assistant engineer)
  • Geddy Lee (assistant engineer, musician)
  • Sum 41 (assistant engineer)
  • Blue Rodeo (assistant engineer)
  • Rob McConnell (assistant engineer)
  • Bruce Cockburn (assistant engineer)
  • Big Wreck (assistant engineer)
  • Joey DiFrancesco (engineer)
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Contact Me

If you'd like to discuss your project with me feel free to use the contact form on this page.